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Active vs Natural

Both Beyond Coastal formulas, Active and Natural, provide maximum protection for prolonged, and intense sun exposure; however, they do it in two different ways. Depending on your needs and preference, we have a formula that is right for you.

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Why no spray

While sprays can be considered convenient and provide a sense of easier application, they can be quite harmful to you, the people around you, and the environment. Additionally, they can provide a false sense of protection.

To make a continuous spray or spritzer, the ingredients in the formula have to be diluted with water or with alcohol to be able to mist out of the nozzle. Additionally, the spray requires a aerosol additive. Unfortunately, between alcohols, thinners, and aerosols, what results is a diluted formula that disperses into the air, and not onto your skin. Dispersed particles are at risk of being inhaled by you and children, increasing the risk of allowing potentially harmful chemicals into the body.

Beyond Coastal remains committed to providing the best and safest protection, and thus, will not create a continuous spray or spritzer formula until we can guarantee that we can provide the same level of coverage as our lotions, while ensuring the safety for both the user and anyone in the vicinity, as well as the environment.