Janelle Smiley

Janelle is an all mountain endurance athlete from first female accent on the South Face of Mt Waddington, to the first female descent of Huandoy Este in Peru, to the female FKT on the Teton Grand Traverse. She skis, climbs, and runs - fast. She prefers the wild places but has been known to queue up at the starting line for Ski Mountaineering Races where she has won 5 National Championships. Pushing her abilities in the mountain makes her come alive and keeps her alter ego 'Gazel' at bay.

"I believe we all have a divine spark in us, and it is our role to live that out in a way that serves others. I was born in the mountains, and they have imprinted the being of who I am. Moving within their magnificence allows me to walk the line of the duality of feeling small, yet empowered. The rawness of the mountains brings transformation quickly. Forcing us to push through obstacles and overcome fear, revealing the depth of our perseverance and courage."